Why you should choose LittleHosting for your web service needs.

Littlehosting prides itself on being paranoid, we strive to protect our customers as best we are able.
To that effect we do not offer FTP or Telnet accounts, our only access method is Via SSH, (Secure Shell.)
All users are placed into their own Chroot Jail on the server, thereby protecting them from outside influence, and also protecting them from other users of the system. In english, that means that the only method for a user to access the server, is via an encrypted channel, and that each user is locked into their own little area of the server.

Our servers run the latest versions of the languages and applications that people want. for example we run the latest versions of Perl (with literally dozens of modules), PHP (with Pear), MySQL, Server side includes (SSI), ImageMagick and much more.

From a security perspective, we also only provide email access over an encrypted connection. (SSL), in addition our mail servers perform virus and spam scanning for all incoming and outgoing mail.
we also have Intrusion Detection, change logs and many other features to allow us to do the very best we can to provide a secure base for your web service.

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